Here’s a comic from a while back! Sometimes (especially with some illness affecting on bowel) it can take a while. In public restrooms, it’s not very pleasent.



Image description: Digitally drawn four-panel comic. Background is grey room.
1. picture: A woman sitting on a toilet seat, resting her head to her hand and looking at her phone.
2. picture: A word *KLIK* is written on the panel. Room is darker. The woman looks up, still resting her head.
3. picture: The woman waves her hand in the air. Room is still darker.
4. picture: A word *KLIK* is written on the panel. Room has lighter tone again. Her hand is still halfly in the air. She has a droplet on her forehead and a thought bubble next to her. It says ”Have I really been here this long…”


Holiday comic


I was quite sick for this fall, so yeaaaa. I wasn’t able to put up comics in here. Sorry for disappearing for so long!

I hope your holidays went well, or at least tolerably! Mine went very well – here’s a little atmosphere comic of my Christmas Eve morning travel to visit my family.

Let’s keep thumbs up for the next year!



Image descriptions: It’s an eight panel comic with colors, digitally drawn, in two pages. First panel is the whole first page.
1. panel: Nubba with Harry Potter-woollen socks and Gryffindor mittens and a dark pair of shoes and coat steps out of turquoise door. They have red hair, backpack and a white bag. There’s yellow light coming from the right and Nubba’s breathing is a visible cloud in the cold air. Background is yellowy wall and a dark grey ground and hallway.
2. panel: Their legs are walking down concrete stairs. Background is grey in different tones.
3. panel: Blue buss is stopping and opening front door. Nubba is standing in front of the door waiting to get in. Background is a grey ground and a dark, blueish grey behind the bus.
4. panel: Panel is across the page. Nubba is standing in the middle of a hall, staring at a screen on the wall. There are people with their bags, standing beside the walls.
5. panel: Nubba is hopping out of a train. Train is yellowish white and has green markings and a green door. Background is lighter and sky is light grey, ground a bit darker but still light grey.
6. panel: Nubba is holding their backpack in their hand and is opening a door of a grey car. Background is now violently grey with a dark grey building and grey railways.
7. panel: Nubba is getting out of car, their hand is on top of a car door. They stair at the house behind the car and them. House has a light on outside the front door and a red car on the yard.
8. panel: Nubba is hugging a woman with red frizzy hair, she has white pants and a light red shirt. A brown haired woman is behind Nubba standing in the doorway wearing a pinkish violet coat. A red dog is standing and panting in the foreground. Background has light toned room with three pictures on the wall on the right and a chest of drawers and a mirror on the left.

Quick introduction

Hello, here’s a quick introduction of me!

I’ll try posting every monday. Some pauses will surely come every now and then, since I have some health issues in my hands, but I’ll try to maintain a regular posting rate. 🙂

(I will be posting in english mostly – probably. If I’ll post in finnish, I’ll add translations!)



Image description: A three panel comic, where in the first one Nubba is on the right side and her speech bubble on the left says: ”Hi, and welcome to my comic blog! My name on the internet is Nubba, and I post my comics here and other art to instagram (@artofnubba). I have two cats and I love to get lost in the forests here in Finland!
So here’s a little intro of what two themes will be probably most visible on my blog. (But since I’m a mess, when it comes to inspiration… You never know what it’s going to be next.)”
Middle panel: A young woman looks very distressed. Next to her a title says ”endometriosis”.
Last panel: A girl is lying on the ground and a young woman is getting up. Some sort of stream is flowing from girl to the woman. Title says ”well being and mental health”. On the other side of the title, there’s a girl crouching, and there are an enormous amount of speech bubbles (without text).